Championing your rights in a world dominated by Synthetics

Our message is simple common sense. The Synths have taken everything from us. Our jobs. Our purpose. Our dignity. And now our lives. We must remember what it means to be human before it’s too late.

Humans returns to Channel 4 on Thursday 17th May.


A vital message from party leader Claudia Nowak about the future of our country


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About Us

We Are People is the biggest national organisation standing up to the threat of Synthetics
Protecting our jobs

Protecting our jobs

An estimated 500 million jobs have been lost to Synths worldwide. The promised referendum on Synthetics in the workplace never took place. Our manifesto promises to put human jobs first.

Protecting our families

Protecting our families

We were told the machines were here to help us. We were told they would never hurt us. We were told it was impossible. On Day Zero, we learned that was a lie. Synthetics hold our lives and our children's lives in their hands, and this has to change.

Protecting our future

Protecting our future

We've already successfully established Synth-free towns like Waltringham, West Sussex. But for every baby born in the UK, two Synths are manufactured. We Are People is dedicated to building a fully Synth-free Britain.

returns to Channel 4 on Thursday 17th May at 9pm

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