We’ve all seen the warnings on the news. Since Day Zero, gangs of renegade Synthetics have gathered together in so-called “ghettos”. These have become dangerous, no-go areas for real humans, where Synths keep themselves to themselves. For all we know, they could be plotting against us, planning to break out and take over the country.

The mystery remains – just what is going on inside these ghettos? For the first time, a We Are People operative has INFILTRATED a Synth ghetto to bring you these EXCLUSIVE hidden camera pictures.

The imposing exterior of one of the largest Synth ghettos in the UK. They clearly don’t want any humans to find out what they’re up to.

A warning from the Ministry of Special Technologies, protecting our families from these dangerous Synthetics.

The entrance to the compound. Synthetic security guards control the gates. What are they hiding?

A gang of anomalous Synthetics gather. Unlike genuine humans, they stand around in silence, not moving, not blinking. It’s very disturbing.

This female Synth is known to us. It dresses in an eccentric manner, with bright clothing and artificially coloured hair. This is presumably part of a plan to harm humans in some way. We don’t know how, but we can’t rule out the possibility.

This one seems to have appointed itself as some sort of leader of the Synths. The others turn to it for guidance and instructions. The arrogance is staggering.

Little information is known about this Synth, but our operative reported that it showed signs of dissent towards the aforementioned leader. Perhaps the Synths will one day turn on each other instead of threatening us?

Again, this one appears to be new. A mysterious and quiet figure, it appears to be operating as some sort of Synth doctor, implementing repairs to damaged dollies. For all we know, he could be working on dangerous new upgrades to weaponise Synths in preparation for a war against humankind. Can you rule it out?

We’ve been monitoring this particular Synthetic for some time. Clearly an important figure within the ghetto, its exact role is unknown. Our operative reports that it is making moves to position itself as a spokesperson for the so-called “Synth community”. Clearly a propaganda tool for the anti-human movement that threatens our great nation.

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