Laura Hawkins is a TRAITOR to the human race. You may have seen her on TV, spouting her crazy theories about machines having feelings. You may have heard about her spurious campaign for so-called Synthetic “rights”. Or maybe you’ve seen the adverts for her tinpot legal firm, specialising in looking after machines at the expense of her fellow humans.

But why does Laura Hawkins hate her own species so much? We Are People have conducted a full, independent and unbiased investigation into the life of the Synth-loving lawyer, to shed some light on who exactly our enemies have chosen to lead their charge.

Hawkins operates out of a small, dingy office in a London back street, a far cry from her previous high-flying legal career. Her love of Synthetics has cost her dearly. She is currently separated from her husband Joe who BETRAYED her Synth-sympathising ways by moving to Waltringham, one of the country’s leading Synth-free communities. But not before he CHEATED on his wife by BEDDING the family Synthetic. What does this tell us about Hawkins as a wife? Unable to satisfy her husband to such an extent that he’d rather sleep with a machine.

Her three children are running wild. Oldest daughter Mattie is an out-of-control TEENAGE REBEL, staying out until all hours so that her mother doesn’t even know where she is half the time. Younger children Toby and Mattie have both got into trouble at school in recent times, as Hawkins struggles to keep up with her duties as a parent. This woman is spending so much time defending Synthetics that FALLING APART. What kind of mother would do this to her children?

It all paints a very clear picture – Laura Hawkins is DANGEROUSLY OBSESSED with Synthetics and she doesn’t care who suffers in the pursuit of her misguided cause, whether that’s her own family or the human race in general. This pathetic, deluded woman is NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

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