We Are People are delighted to announce that our membership has risen by 112% in the wake of Day Zero.

From small beginnings as a protest group on the fringes of the political landscape, our party has grown over the last few years to become the UK’s biggest national organisation standing up to the threat of Synthetics.

The tragic events of Day Zero have put the fight against this menace at the front and centre of UK politics. We were the first group to speak out when Synths started taking our jobs. We were the first to speak out when they changed the face of our society. We were the first to warn the British public of the dangers of Synthetics, but it took Day Zero for the mainstream media to acknowledge that we were right all along.

Today’s news proves that there is only one voice that matters when it comes to the fight for the survival of our species. And it’s a wake up call for the political mainstream, who for too long have dismissed and belittled our movement. No more.

We Are People leader Claudia Nowak is quoted as saying: “It’s time to put us human beings first again.”

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