The everyday woman who has rocked the establishment to the core.

At first glance, Claudia Nowak is like any other normal, human woman. She gets up, she takes the kids to school, she goes to work. But if you’re lucky enough to meet her, you’ll know that she’s no ordinary woman. She is one of the sharpest political minds of the 21st Century.

Claudia founded We Are People in 2015 because she was concerned about the role that Synthetics were taking in British society. She saw hard-working people losing their jobs. She saw mothers leaving their children in the care of machines. And she heard tales of fathers leaving something much more intimate to the machines. She decided enough was enough.

At first, she was ignored, sneered at, belittled. The political elite didn’t want to hear her well-founded concerns. The uncaring corporations like Persona Synthetics, Qualia and Lundstrum tried to shut her down, scared that she’d damage their precious profits. When all she wanted to do was keep her family – and your family – safe.

The tragic events of Day Zero have finally made the world wake up to the dangers of Synthetics. But one woman was years ahead of the curve. History will record that Claudia Nowak was right about Synths before, and she’s right about Synths now. They must be stopped, and under Claudia’s expert leadership, We Are People are the ones to stop them.

Claudia Nowak: leader, visionary, human.

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