Since Day Zero, the government has been rolling out a scheme to educate youngsters about the dangers of Synths. If you have children of primary school age, you’ll be aware that guest speakers representing SynthSafe have been giving talks to pupils over the last few months.

The broad message is one we can all agree on – if you see a green-eyed Synth, steer clear. Sensible advice for all of us, especially young children, and We Are People are strongly in favour of our precious children being taught this lesson as early as possible.

However, look a little closer and not all is as it seems. In addition to the objectively true message that green-eyed Synths are bad, SynthSafe are also polluting young minds by telling them that the new orange-eyed Synths are “good”.

This is a very dangerous message for our children. Remember that once upon a time, everyone was telling us that all Synths were safe. On Day Zero, we learned that was a lie. How long will it be before the orange-eyes malfunction too? Why are SynthSafe so careless as to spread this propaganda in our schools? Are they on the payroll of the corrupt Synth manufacturers, who line their pockets with our hard-earned money while pushing their dangerous products into our homes?

If SynthSafe is coming to your child’s school, do not give your permission for your child to attend the talk. Instead, keep them safe by joining our movement – follow We Are People UK on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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