Do you remember the good old days? When kids used to play outside instead of burying their heads in a screen. When people would say hello to strangers in the streets. When our heroes were writers and actors, not reality stars and Instagrammers. When we had jam sandwiches and orange squash instead of avocado toast and skinny lattes. Morecambe and Wise, Del Boy and Rodney, Benny Hill. The friendly postman, the milkman whistling a merry tune, the local butcher, the pub landlord who knew your name and your favourite tipple. Britain at its best.

So what changed? Well, when you think back to that glorious time, you’ll notice one thing… there were no Synths in the good old days.

Sadly, those days are long gone. Or are they?

Waltringham in West Sussex is a completely Synth-free town. There are no Synths of any kind, but there is community, employment and a sense of purpose. Every business employs real humans and nothing but real humans. Every home is run the old-fashioned way, with mum, dad and kids chipping in with the chores. Walk into any shop and you’ll see human-manufactured goods, human-picked produce and human-run services, sold to you with a smile by a human.

It’s the way things used to be. The way things should be.

Waltringham is one of the first towns in the UK of its kind, but it won’t be the last. We Are People is dedicated to creating a Synth-free UK. Join our movement by following We Are People UK on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.

Local Watringham resident Joe Hawkins

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