Since Day Zero, the majority of sensible, law-abiding humans have wisely avoided the malfunctioning Synthetics that threaten our way of life. The official advice from the government – and endorsed by We Are People – is to steer clear. However, we are disturbed to note the rise of so-called “Synth-friendly” establishments, such as Bar Mix in East London.

Here, traitors to the human race meet and mingle with the same dangerous Synthetics who caused so much harm to our species one year ago. The people drink copious amounts of alcohol, they dance in a needlessly provocative fashion, and some of them even indulge in deeply disturbing human/Synth sexual practices. This surely goes against everything that we humans hold dear, and is part of a worrying trend among a small minority of people who seek to undo the Synth safety measures put in place since Day Zero, putting the rest of us at risk.

We Are People vows to permanently shut down any premises that flouts their responsibilities in this way. Join our movement by following We Are People UK on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.

A known Synth sympathiser, who works at Bar Mix. She has been identified as a possible traitor to the human cause, and should be treated with suspicion.

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